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Itapon Foundation

The name “Itapon” means “satisfying results”; and the Foundation was approved by the Thai Government as a charitable organization in 1998.

The Founding Board members are:

(1)  Dr. Chaiyun Ukosakul

(2)  Dr. Preecha Jengcharoen

(3)  Dr. Supreeya Wongtrangan

(4)  Dr. Anchalee Singhanetr

(5)  Mr. Somjate Sritongkum


The Current Board members are:

(1)  President:          Chaiyun Ukosakul, PhD

(2)  Vice President:  Asst. Prof. Preecha Jengcharoen, PhD

(3)  Secretary:          Assoc. Prof. Supreeya Wongtrangan, M.D.

(4)  Treasurer:         Somjate Sritongkum, MA

(5)  Member:            Assoc. Prof. Chawanun Charnsilpa, M.D.


Itapon Foundation has 5 objectives:

  1. To do community development with the poor and marginalized people and minority ethnic groups.
  2. To promote cooperation, volunteerism and exchange help from members within a local community, between communities in Thailand and overseas.
  3. To produce participatory research and conduct social, cultural, educational and ethical researches on the poor and marginalized people, and the minorities.
  4. To establish child-development centers and schools.
  5. To partner with other organizations to do charitable work for the benefit of society.


The Sangkhlaburi Branch Office of Itapon Foundation is located in Nonglu, Sangkhlaburi District.

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