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A Roof for Grandma

During our Easter Outreach, the villagers brought us to a family with 9yo and 3yo girls being cared for by their elderly grandmother. The mother had just passed away from breast cancer the month before. Their roof was falling apart with only a tarp covering … and rainy season was coming. Nearby another family with a 25yo disabled daughter had their bamboo floor rotted through.

A quick calculation for the materials for the floor and roof… plus the food packages to carry both families through the rest of the year. Within minutes of putting up the appeal, the funds were pledged, but it seemed that God provided had extra – for a while we wondered how we would use the “extra” that came in – but it turned out to be exactly enough to cover materials that had been overlooked in the initial calculation.

Neighbours came to help the construction team to put up the roof and floors and move the disabled girl down. God knew exactly how much we needed. And the roof was up just in time for a major torrential downpour not an hour later!



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